Wellness and Anti-Aging Physicals

Wellness and Anti-Aging Physicals

Anti-Aging Physicals Are the Ultimate Preparation for a Healthy Future

We provide holistic, functional medical care for both children and adults. Our mission is to work in partnership with our patients to develop an individualized health plan focused on prevention that includes proactive strategies supported to help them achieve and maintain optimal health.  For those who do not enjoy ideal health or suffer from health problems and illness we will determine the root cause of the problem and we will design a treatment program that will allow the body to repair itself. 

Many thousands of patients see us each year for everything from Acne to Zinc Deficiency and everything in between.  Our comprehensive care allows us to provide a complete and exhaustive health care plan for everyone.  An annual physical exam is part of preventive healthcare.  Women’s physical exams are for routine check-ups for general health.  The purpose of these exams are to screen for diseases, assess risk of medical concerns and to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Your Annual Examination: What Is Involved?
On your visit, your health care provider may ask you several questions about your general lifestyle, past medical history, diet, sexual health, exercise habits, food and medication allergies and more.  You and your provider will have a talk about your general health and will also advise you on several health risks and issues, this is also the time to voice out any of your current or past health issues and concerns.

What you should expect during your annual exam:
  • Family & Medical History
  • General Physical Exam (BMI check, height, weight, girth, etc.)
  • Cardiovascular System Examination (blood pressure, heart health-checks)
  • Respiratory System Examination
  • Musculoskeletal System Examination
  • Neurological System Examination
  • Skin Examination (moles, freckles, etc.)
  • Cholesterol Blood Test
  • Urine Analysis
  • Full Blood Profile
  • Lifestyle Assessment
  • Medication Updates and Refills (if there are any)Family & Medical History
What is the Next Step?
If you would like to schedule your annual exam, any one of our receptionists would be glad to help you do so.  By allowing us to provide this service to you, we can better coordinate your care, provide a more comprehensive treatment plan, and assure you that you are on the right course to live as full and as healthy a life as possible.

Dr. Fetters provides patients with two types of Comprehensive Annual Physicals, based on the objectives and desires of the patient. 
  1. Comprehensive Wellness Physical, 30 minutes in length
  1. Comprehensive Wellness and Anti-Aging Physical, 60 minutes in length
You can discuss your preferences with our receptionist but please understand that once your annual physical has been scheduled we will be unable to change the focus of your physical.  This is due to the fact that each type takes into account the time factors necessary for the different modalities and this is factored into the schedule for the day. i.e. Changing from a Comprehensive Wellness Physical to a Comprehensive Wellness and Anti-Aging Physical requires a great deal more preparation and discussion between the provider and patient. 

The Comprehensive Wellness Physical will review findings and will include a discussion of some of the chronic problems you may be having.  This is an opportunity for you to ask more detailed questions regarding solutions for your health problems which were discovered throughout the examination and testing.

The Comprehensive Wellness and Anti-Aging Physical extends the appointment to a full hour and will cover a broad array of topics specifically tailored to your current health situation and designed to provide you with a definitive wellness plan in addition to information regarding anti-aging and cancer avoidance strategies.  This is the ultimate Annual Physical Examination designed for patients who not only want to see where they stand currently, but are interested in taking steps to maximize their wellness and longevity by undertaking a comprehensive, individualized regimen.  Discussions will include Anti-Aging, Natural Cures, Cancer, Brain Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Men's & Women's Health and Heart Health.

Our receptionist would be happy to go over the time requirements and fees with you.  The small change in the fee involved for the more vigorous and comprehensive physical can easily be recovered by experiencing better health in your later years. Again, please remember it is impossible to change the focus of your physical once the examination has begun, as discussed previously.  In the event you wish to expand the focus of the physical it will be necessary to reschedule for another day and time.
As a reminder, tests provided by our resident lab, LabCorp, are billed directly by LabCorb and are not included in the above examination fees.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at your convenience.  (317) 663-7123.