Healthy Cancer Treatment

Healthy Cancer Treatment

Advanced Healthy Cancer Treatment - SPDT

In the USA, conventional cancer treatments consist of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. These treatments are extremely toxic, can destroy the immune system and make you feel miserable. We believe there is more than one way to treat cancer.

Our holistic medical team have researched treatments around the world, and discovered many effective, scientifcally proven therapies that are non-toxic, non-invasive and have no side effects.

What Is SPDT?

Sono & Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT) is a non-toxic, non-invasive method for treating cancer. It combines light (photo) and sound (sono) to destroy cancer cells in an innovative way. SPDT has been used in China, Germany, Australia and Mexico for decades.

SPDT patients are given a natural chlorophyll sensitizer, administered by IV infusion. All cells in the body absorb the sensitizer, especially cancer cells. After a 48 hour waiting period, normal cells wash the sensitizer away. Cancer cells are unable to expel the substance, so the chlorophyll remains only in the cancer cells.  Next, doctors pulse sound and light frequencies through the body.  When sound and light hit the chlorophyll, it causes a chemical reaction called photosynthesis, which explodes free radical oxygen into the cancer cells, destroying the cells.  Normal cells are not affected, so there are no side effects.

Impressive Results for Early Stage Cancer

Clinical trials with many cancers have shown that PDT can achieve control rates similar to those achieved with standard techniques of surgery and radiation. Adding SDT makes the therapy even more effective. The advantages of SPDT are: fewer side effects, improved functional and cosmetic outcomes and simplicity.

Cancer Treatment Program

As our aggressive cancer therapies rapidly kill cancer cells, it is extremely important that we detoxify the body. Ridding the body of dead cancer cells and toxins prevent side effects, give you more energy and a sense of well being. Our detoxifcation program is designed to bring your body back to it's natural state and obtain optimal function and vitality.

SDPT is just one of the healthy and  non-toxic treatments we utilize in our Comprehensive Holistic Cancer Treatment Program!  

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