Natural Hormone Balancing

Natural Hormone Balancing

Natural Hormone Balance

There is a definite difference between the perspective or philosophy of conventional medicine compared to functional medicine as it relates to hormone imbalances.  

While conventional medicine continues to prescribed birth control pills for acne or painful periods in younger women, and gives out Premarin or fills up the hormonal gas tank on menopausal women with progesterone, estrogen and testosterone…functional medicine takes a completely different approach.

For one, functional medicine looks at birth control pills as a major cause of endocrinopathy in women,  as many women look to functional medicine to undo the hormonal dysregulation that is caused by these pills and preventing them from getting pregnant.

Two, there still may be a place for natural hormonal replacement therapy but not until a thorough evaluation as to what is affecting the hormones in the first place is established and treated.  Functional Medicine may evaluate thyroid function, cortisol levels, gut health, estrogen levels and metabolism, progesterone levels, FSH levels and androgens. 
Rather than ignoring the long term health consequences of taking birth control pills or taking a heavy handed approach to hormone replacement, our functional medicine practitioner realize that after  other contributing factors have been addressed…often a subtle nudge is all that a women needs.

Acne or heavy  painful periods can almost always be addressed through healthy lifestyle changes and addressing imbalances in the persons individual physiology.  Blood sugar dysregulation, cortisol imbalances, depressed liver detoxification function and leaky gut being some of the major contributors to these symptoms.

If you are older and find that the seven dwarfs of menopause are messing up your life.  You know, sweaty, bloaty, itchy, bitchy, sleepy, forgetful and dried up… then natural hormonal replacement therapy can be used to control the severe symptoms.    Lifestyle changes as well as addressing other imbalances in the body with supplements and herbal therapies begin to reset your hormone balance.   

You see most hormone imbalance is usually associated with other problems in the body.  The hormone dysregulation is usually nothing more than a symptom.    Many times treatments that address heavy  metal toxicity, molds and  liver detoxification as just a few examples… completely reset the hormonal system.  

There is a healthy way to restore balance in your body…we hope that you will let us guide you towards that health!

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