What is Holistic Health Coaching and How It Can Benefit You and Your Loved Ones

What is Holistic Health Coaching and How It Can Benefit You and Your Loved Ones

Posted on August 04, 2017

By: Dr. Jerry Weber

If you or a loved one is suffering from chronic sickness, pain and/or fatigue, Holistic Health Coaching might be your answer.

When a person is chronically sick (over 6 months) there is more reasons than just physical problems. These non-physical reasons are seldom discussed or corrected by most medical and alternative professionals. Yet, in many cases these exact reasons are why the patient is not getting better.

All true healing requires the removal of these negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes which are causing imbalance and sickness in the body. Holistic Health Coaching helps the patient remove these obstacles of healing through a professional consultation with myself, Dr. Jerry Weber.

I am a Naturopath doctor and a Holistic Health Coach who has been involved in the natural health and the ‘human potential movement’ for over twenty years. I use a unique system of muscle testing the areas of imbalance in the body that is creating the problem and

through different modalities remove the block(s) stopping the life force energy to give vitality to the body.

All health - well or sick, starts with thought. How we think is reflected in how our bodies respond. A Naturopathic law is ‘all healing starts from the head down and from the inside out.’ There is no doubt this statement is referring to the brain – how we think.

Holistic Health Coaching (HHC) helps a person “think” healthier. It teaches a patient how to empower themselves instead of disempowering. How to be a ‘victor’ instead of a ‘victim.’ HHC encourages the patient to discover who they are truly are and find their purpose in life.

As a Holistic Health Coach I am the guide, coach cheerleader, doctor and friend to help you change your life for the better and get you on the road to recovery of one of your most precious God-given gifts – your health.

Every great athlete has had outstanding coaches who have made them better. Take this opportunity and add a coach to your team and learn how to be healthier.