America Needs an Attitude Adjusment!

America Needs an Attitude Adjusment!

America is SICK! As a society we are not well. The World Health Organization recently rated the United States thirty-ninth in the world for "quality of health." Yet, our country is number ONE in healthcare cost. We also have the number one berth in obesity. Something is not working. Our present healthcare system has turned into an expensive "sick care" system. Something needs to change.

America's emphasis on treating disease with a quick fix, synthetic drug has run it's course. The American public is getting smarter. We no longer are satisfied with covering up symptoms, knowing there will be side effects. We want answers. We deserve answers. We deserve better health and the last twenty years has not shown this. It is time to focus on health, not sickness.

To better your health you must work with health care professionals who are focused on you as a whole person. They are dedicated to finding the root cause of the problem, instead of covering it up.

America is no longer "the land of the brave and the home of the free." Over 60% of Americans are using prescription medication. Our children are taking drugs. This is no way to live. This is not living free. This is not health. You can not be healthy and be on any prescription medicine. If you are on even one drug you are not as healthy as you can be. I do understand that prescription drugs are needed in severe cases and thank God for them in a time of need, but.. prescription drugs will NEVER get you healthier.

It is time to take back your life. It is time to take responsibility for your body and for your health. Yes, you need top doctors to help you on this new chosen path. But, beware. Not all doctors are created (or trained) the same. Most MDs have had very limited amount of nutritional education.

You will need to possibly change your attitude and your habits about who's hands you are putting your health in. You must be open minded to new ideas, have the willingness to go beyond the norm. To believe in natural health.

Functional medicine is the medicine of the future. Functional medicine is a practice of professional health care providers who combine traditional medicine with natural health. Medical doctors, Naturopath doctors, PAs and nutritionists work together with one goal in mind - getting you healthier, naturally.

Health is wealth.