How Old Are You - Really???

How Old Are You - Really???

What year were you born? How many times have you been asked how old you were? Of course, we all know how many birthdays we have experienced but how many of us really know how old our bodies are? I am not talking about chronologically (the number of birthdays),but rather how old our body "thinks or feels" it really is (biologically).

Chronological vs. biological is the difference between your given days and how well your body is performing. We are only as healthy as our weakest and oldest cells. And as the saying goes, " we are only as strong as our weakest link." This statement is true for your body. But, how do you know what your "real" age is - really?

At Health and Wellness of Carmel, Dr. Cliff Fetters states, " if you could take only one test to know about your health it would be the Bio 101." This test not only gives you an evaluation of your "real" age, it gives you important information to use to get yourself healthier.

I know because I just had my first Bio 101. As a Naturopath doctor I thought I was fairly healthy and healthier than most but when I got my report back I was shocked. This report told me things including my biological age and my numbers were sad. Now I didn't take this has bad news. As a master muscle tester and Naturopath doctor I knew that I could use this information to "make my self younger and healthier. And that is what we can do for you!

Yes, age is only a number, but, numbers tell the story. The way to live the healthiest is to have your chronological age equaling your biological age. This can be accomplished using the power of medical testing and muscle testing. This marriage of both worlds allows you to see your weakness that are making you age faster through medical testing and use muscle testing to find the remedies that makes years fade away.

No, we can't change our birth years but we can improve our biological age. We can make ourselves younger, healthier and more vibrant. But there is two things you must have to accomplish this goal - the correct information, and a natural health professional to guide you. Whether you are looking for an MD specializing in Functional Medicine or an ND specializing in all natural modalities, the best thing to do is start today.

And the best place to start is at Health and Wellness of Carmel. Their entire staff is dedicated to Functional/natural medicine with three functional medical doctors and a naturopath doctor. With this unique combination all of your health concerns will be answered.

What are you waiting for? Call today for your appointment. You are not getting any younger - chronology or biologically.