Our Providers

Our Providers

Clifford Fetters, M.D.

Dr. Clifford Fetters specializes in personal life health care for both children and adults. His unique focus is integrating the latest discoveries in science with a practical application of functional medicine, nutrition, natural and energy medicine. His ultimate goal is to guide his clients on a path to ultimate wellness without the use of prescription drugs.

Dr. Fetters grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Indiana State University. He then completed his family practice residency at Fort Wayne Medical Education. He moved to Carmel, Indiana and started practicing traditional medicine. He was with Family Physicians of Carmel for nearly two decades. He took over the practice from senior partner, Dr. Terry Frederick. Dr. Fetters has never forgotten his parting words. "Prescription drugs are poison, use them wisely, use them sparingly and always try to find a better way". It was not many months into practice before Dr. Fetters learned to what his esteemed colleague was referring to.. many medical conditions and diseases were being treated by prescription drugs without regards to the science and biology taught in undergraduate training and medical school. Teenage acne and postmenopausal women were being treated with birth control pills. Type II diabetics were being treated with insulin and asthmatic patients were being treated with long-term steroids. His burning desire was to treat all chronic illnesses and conditions by correcting the underlying physiology and use prescription drugs only for the acute illnesses for which they were intended. In 1989, Dr. Fetters was instrumental in treating postmenopausal women with bio identical hormones. He organized a movement to encourage insurance companies to pay for hormone blood levels. In the early 1990s, Dr. Fetters pioneered an intense screening and treatment program for insulin resistance that resulted in the near elimination of diabetes from his practice. His extensive research through conferences, journals, books, and face-to-face interaction with thought leaders in functional medicine has allowed him to develop treatment programs for virtually all chronic conditions and symptoms that afflict Western civilization.

In 2006, Dr. Fetters started Health and Wellness of Carmel to fulfill his dream of providing holistic, functional medicine for the Midwest. It has become a nationally recognized center of excellence where medical doctors, osteopaths and naturopaths combine their talents to provide individualized health plans to treat complex medical illnesses as well as providing expertise in achieving and maintaining optimal wellness.


Jerry Weber, N. D. 

Dr. Jerry Weber is a naturopath doctor board certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Board. He is also a Certified Natural Health Professional. He has been involved in natural healing arts and sciences for over twenty-five years. After working many years as an herbalist and practitioner, Dr. Weber received his Doctorate of Naturopathy in 2008 from Trinity College of Natural Health.

With his extensive knowledge of nutrition, toxicity, parasitology, enzymes, and bio identical hormones, Dr. Weber has helped thousands of people who were having health problems. He has had these amazing results by using only natural herbs that helped the body heal naturally.

Dr. Weber specializes in digestive disorders and believes that many diseases today are initially caused by a faulty digestive system. As the founder of The Perfect Health System, he also is a master muscle tester,which is his main "diagnostic" tool. This system gives the patient quick, accurate and less expensive answers to their health issues.

Dr. Weber believes in natural health and the innate ability of the body to heal. He also believes that health is wealth and has dedicated his life to helping people heal naturally. For more information please visit www.bodybalancesystem.net


Bruce Thomas, M.D.

Dr. Bruce Thomas, MD graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School in 1991 and completed a residency in Family Practice in which he is board certified.  He’s worked as an Emergency Medicine physician for 20 years in Indiana.  While he loved his time there, he’s developed an interest in preventing illness rather than just reacting to it. He is also currently a fellow in the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, (A4M).  He lives in Brownsburg with his wife and two boys.
From Bruce:
Through a child’s eyes I remember seeing a vibrant old woman… and broken down elderly man.   I’m not going to be like that guy,” I thought.   But, why not?   I always felt like there must be some things beyond just luck that led to a healthier life, and I feel like I’ve been on the lookout for what they are all my life.

I think my first moment of reflection on health beyond standard medical care came as a teenager when I reflected that Jesus generally must have thought well of health because He healed everyone who asked in faith.   Not long after that in 1983 I read “Sugar Blues.”  While this was initially motivated by the hopes of impressing the girl who recommended it, the notion that diet could affect your destiny was an epiphany.
In the first year of Medical School in 1987 I attended meetings of ”Alternatives in Medicine,” an extracurricular group which listened to practitioners of Alternative  Medical practices explain what they did.  The next year I ran it.
After residency, I began what I thought would just be a transitional phase in my life working the ER.  It turned out to be more of a rush than I’d imagined.  It was great, but all the while I kept thinking, “I love what I’m doing, but surely a lot of this is preventable.”   Emergency medicine breeds preventive medicine doctors.   Modern Medicine can be great, but so often it seems like people with biggest platforms in medicine focus on things that drive money to the latest expensive procedure or the big drug companies.  Now I feel like I’ve come home to functional medicine where we try to get to the roots of what’s going on and I couldn’t be happier to be doing that at Health and Wellness of Carmel. 

Amanda Patchett, FNP-C

Amanda Patchett, FNP-C, grew up in Carmel, Indiana. Amanda currently resides in Carmel with her family, which includes her husband and two daughters. She began her nursing career in 2005 when she graduated from the University of Indianapolis with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing. She worked at St. Vincent Hospital as a Registered Nurse in Oncology, Hematology, and the Medical/Surgical area for two years.

After working with cancer patients who were unfortunately suffering with severe disease processes, she felt the need to pursue a career in preventative medicine. She started her career at Health and Wellness of Carmel as a nurse for Dr. Fetters. She spent the next five years learning about the complex world of holistic medicine, which she grew to be very passionate about. While working at Health and Wellness of Carmel, she returned to school to obtain her Masters of Science in Nursing at University of Cincinnati. She completed her Masters degree in December 2015 and became certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner shortly thereafter via the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.
Amanda's passion for holistic medicine aided her decision to pursue her new career as a Family Nurse Practitioner and practice here at Health and Wellness of Carmel. She enjoys working with all types of patients and specifically has an interest in women's health, digestive issues, allergies, weight loss concerns, and working with the pediatric population. She is excited to partner with you in your healthcare decisions to promote wellness and disease prevention.


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