Parasites - Are they eating you alive?

Parasites - Are they eating you alive?

by Dr. Jerry Weber, ND

Parasites! Just the sound of this scary word can instill fear in most of us. The thought of something alive that is living in us sounds like some bad science fiction movie but the truth is that parasites are real and much more prevalent than most people think.

So, what are parasites? Parasites are not just the worms that all of have heard the terrifying stories about. Parasites are any type of living organisms that live in a body as a host. They live in this host, stealing nutrients, damaging tissue, causing toxins (parasite waste), and eventually making the human host very sick. Most parasites never kill their host, just make them so sick they wish they could die.

Let me give you a few examples. Lymes disease is caused by a parasite that the human gets from a tick bite. This terrible condition is caused by a parasite called spirochetes. The flu is caused by a virus, which is also a parasite. Peptide ulcers in the stomach are caused by H. pylori bacteria, which again is a parasite.

If you or a loved one has been working with your medical doctors and have been suffering with a chronic illness my suggestion is be tested by a qualified parasitologist. This will probably not be a conventional medical doctor. Rather, choose a medical doctor who works with functional medicine (another name for integrative medicine) who muscle tests and works side by side with a naturopath doctor like myself.

Mildew, fungi, Protozoa, flukes, pathological bacteria, tapeworms, pinworms, mold toxins, virus, spirochetes and even candida yeast. Any of these parasites could be attacking your body. In just one visit we can tell you whether your body is under siege from any of these parasites. If you are in any pain, or suffering from illness it is worth the investment to visit us today. In just one visit you will know the truth about whether you have parasites in your body.

Here at the Health and Wellness of Carmel, functional medical doctors Dr. Cliff Fetters works along with me, Dr. Jerry Weber, as a naturopath doctor and together we focus, understand and know how to eliminate parasites out of your body so you can live a healthier life.