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Coronaviruses is a wakeup call to all!

Hormones - The Fountain of Youth

The Covid-19 virus, also known as Coronavirus, was discovered in Wuhan, China in December 2019. As of 3/3/20, the virus is said to have affected over 90,000 people and resulted in over 3,000 deaths. However, the virus is quickly spreading to other countries with cases now being reported in Italy and Iran. The virus is transmitted via coughing or sneezing as well as just coming in contact with contaminated surfaces such as doorknobs. Droplets infect others when entered through the eyes, mouth or nose. Researchers have recently found that Covid-19 can live on certain surfaces for up to 9 days! Current research shows that Covid-19 is highly contagious and has a higher mortality rate than the seasonal flu. Currently, the virus has an estimated morality rate of 3.5%, compared to the 0.1% morality rate from seasonal influenza. Covid-19 also appears to have a higher number of severe cases at an estimated 21%.

The CDC prevention measures for individuals are to avoid contact with sick people, not touching your nose, mouth, or eyes, stay home if you are sick, and states that there is no “specific antiviral treatment for the coronavirus.” Fortunately, the functional medicine approach for the prevention and treatment of this type of infectious agents are robust.

“Waiting” for an effective vaccine to treat a new viral pandemic is a game for fools. No one knows how many viruses can infect humanity. Some estimate it is up to 10 to the 22nd power! Viruses naturally mutate quickly rendering most potential vaccines useless. Scientists have been trying to make an effective vaccine against the common flu virus for 80 years! Clinically, I have seen no benefits from flu vaccines. There has been published meta-reviews showing flu vaccinations are ineffective for preventing influenza and influenza-like illnesses and have no appreciable effect on hospitalizations or mortality. There are potentially serious consequences of virtually all vaccines.

The 3.5% of the population that will die from this infection is not random. Those with the strongest immune system survive and the weak will perish. Americans live in toxic polluted cities, toxic herbicide and pesticide ridden country sides, eat toxic polluted food and water, and are stressed from living a hectic lifestyle.

We all have a compromised immune system. Every family should have an integrative/holistic provider that can counsel them on a custom health program to help maintain optimal wellness. My general recommendations that would benefit virtually all Americans are the following. The number one controlled variable of whether a person survives or dies from a virus is related to their vitamin D level. Virtually all Americans should have a vitamin D level between 60 to 80 nmol/L. My immune pack for the majority of my patients are K2 plus 5,000 units of vitamin D, 3,000 mg of ascorbic acid twice daily, GIH or similar high-quality probiotic daily and Immune Pro or similar immune boosting multivitamin two pills twice daily. This combined with adequate sleep, eating a balanced, organic, whole foods diet, using organic skin products, routine exercise, relaxation, drinking filtered water, minimizing EMF exposure, and using an EMF free infrared sauna three times a week. It is also recommended to keep the humidity in your home and your place of work between 40-50% to decrease the spread of the virus. The added benefit of having a strong immune system is an increased sense of well-being, vitality, mental clarity, improved energy, less aches and pains, decreased risk of depression, as well as a decreased risk of developing cancer and other chronic diseases.

Although our government is not offering any information on an effective treatment, there are currently many well-documented antiviral treatments available. Many natural substances can have dramatic impact on viral infections. Plants have been used for thousands of years as medicine for treating a variety of diseases and medical complaints by most civilizations. Juniper and licorice have both been shown to have activity specifically against SARS – related coronavirus. Oregano extract, monolaurin oil leaf extract, curcumin/turmeric, colloidal silver, elderberry, echinacea, garlic, green tea, olive leaf, pau d’arco all have activity against viruses.

Our practice has seen great success eliminating viruses with intravenous therapy. We recommend treating the severely ill with IV ozone with or without IV vitamin C and/or ultraviolet blood irradiation. SPDT is available for the most aggressive infections. In the 1940s, Frederick Kleiner MD pioneered the use of mega dose intravenous vitamin C to effectively treat and often cure many different infections. This includes polio, tetanus and encephalitis. The United States government and China are currently studying the benefits of Vitamin C infusion for the treatment of severe 2019-nCoV infected pneumonia.

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