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Doctors in Carmel IN Who Provide Functional Medicine For Depression

Expert doctors at Health & Wellness of Carmel specializes in holistic and functional medicine to help patients with depression. Call Us to Schedule an Appointment if you have a loved one who is in need of treatment and care for depression.

Doctors Near Carmel IN Who Provide Functional Medicine For Depression

Depression Affects One in Every Five People These Days. It Is Predicted That Depression Will Be the Second Leading Cause of Disability by 2020.

I believe it is safe to say that every one of us knows someone who is on an anti-depressant drug like Zoloft, Paxil or Prozac.

But, here is something you might not know.

The conventional model of depression looks to neurotransmitter deficiencies as the reason that someone is depressed.  This understanding is an old and outdated model that is being reevaluated especially by those of us who specialize in functional medicine.

The new model centers around the fact that all depression is associated with inflammation. In fact, inflammation is a cause or contributing factor to all brain based conditions including depression, Alzheimer’s, ADD, brain-fog and ADHD.

Neurotransmitter imbalances or deficiency can be a part of the presentation, but research has shown us that up to 75% of people with depression actually have high levels of serotonin or norepinephrine not low levels.

Research has shown us that reducing the levels of Serotonin and dopamine in humans does not produce depression.

All depression is associated with decreased firing or function in the brain.  The number one reason that the brain would start to slow in its functional, such as problems solving recall and general sense of well-being, is neuroinflammation.

The cytokine model of inflammation recognizes that anything that weakens the blood-brain barrier will allow cytokines to move into the brain and turn on microglial cells associated with brain inflammation.

The reason that functional medicine practitioners are so effective in helping those with depression is that we treat the whole person looking at the root cause of their inflammation.  Things like leaky gut, blood sugar dysregulation, unmanaged autoimmune conditions, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, alcohol, environmental pollutants and poor brain circulation can all create brain inflammation.

While conventional medicine is stuck in an outdated model, functional medicine finds the root cause for the inflammation and acts quickly to extinguish it! 

If You or Someone You Love Has Depression We Are Here to Help!