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Digestion & Digestive Enzymes

 The First Step Toward Good Health

Digestion in Carmel, IN

If you have ever pumped “bad” gas into your car and your car did not run as well, you understand the importance of digestion. If you are a computer geek think “GIGO” (Garbage In, Garbage Out). This is how digestion works. You are only as healthy as the quality of food going in and being digested correctly.

Digestion is the action of the body taking the foods that you eat and breaking down the solid food into the smallest nutrients possible so the body can use each nutrient for fuel and bodily actions. Digestion starts in the mouth with chewing. This obvious, yet overlooked, part of digestion is as important as any other step. Digestion is like an assembly line. When one part of the digestion system is not working properly, the rest of digestion will not be right.

Americans are suffering from severe digestion issues. Antacids are one of the highest selling over the counter medications with estimates of over 50 million Americans suffering from some form of digestion digression. If you are suffering from symptoms such as burping, bloating, flatulence or discomfort after you eat, you need a digestion checkup. You can never be healthy and have bad digestion. You might even have something called Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

What causes digestion problems? Eating too fast, not chewing sufficiently, enzyme deficiency, food allergies, food intolerances, wrong diet, and tissue damage are some of the reason that we see. How do you know what is causing your digestion issues?

Call Health and Wellness of Carmel for a Digestion Checkup. There is no reason for trying to guess when in one visit you will know what is causing your digestion problems, learn how to correct it, and get you back on track to better health.


All of us have heard about the importance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants but there is something even more important for your health that many people have not heard about – enzymes. WITHOUT ENZYMES, ALL THE OTHER NUTRIENTS CANNOT WORK! Enzymes are special proteins that are the “workers” of the body.

1. Food Enzymes – These are the enzymes that occur naturally in raw food. If you eat an apple (organic preferred), that apple has all of the correct food enzymes to digest it perfectly so the body does not need to use any extra energy to break down that apple to nutrients that the body can use for fuel.

2. Digestive Enzymes – All of the food you eat that has been cooked at a temperature higher than 118 degrees kills all of the natural food enzymes and leaves the food you are eating “enzyme deficient”; this includes foods that have been processed, microwaved, boxed, or canned. All fast food is in this category. When these enzyme deficient foods are eaten, the body has to make all of the enzymes to digest this food. Not only does this take away energy that the body needs but eventually leads to deficiencies which lead to disease. By taking digestive enzyme supplements with each meal the pressure affecting the liver and pancreas decreases.

3. Metabolic Enzymes – These enzymes are made by the liver, that is if the liver is not having to make digestive enzymes! These enzymes are what the body uses to run the body, for energy and health. The liver cannot make both enzymes at once. If digestive enzymes are needed, it always takes priority.

Enzymes are one of the golden keys to health. What can you do to improve your health?

• Eat more natural foods, either steamed or raw.
• Use digestive enzyme supplements at every meal that contains processed foods

Contact us for an Enzyme Evaluation Test to determine which enzymes you are missing and be given a protocol to make sure your digestion is as healthy as possible.