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Onsite Lab Test Services in Carmel, IN

Health and Wellness of Carmel provides full laboratory services using state-of-the-art medical technology. Get your lab tests done by trained lab technicians. Call us today. 

Full Laboratory Services in Carmel, IN

At Health and Wellness of Carmel we perform onsite blood draws for our patients. We are able to send tests to all of the local labs such as Labcorp, Quest, and PathGroup as well as several cutting edge specialty labs including Genova Diagnostics,  Alletess, Functional Genomic Analysis, R.G.C.C., BioCentaur, Vibrant, and ZRT. Our trained lab technicians are always ready to make your experience as painless as possible.

The health of the gastrointestinal tract has a huge impact on the overall health of a person. Stretched out it is about the size of a tennis court and is the site for 70% of your immune system.  The gut and brain communicate continually to each other.  By using detailed stool analysis the doctors at HWofC can evaluate a patient’s GI health and correct any imbalances. Testing can help determine if there are parasites, candida yeast overgrowth, bacterial infections or overgrowth, pancreatic enzyme deficiency, leaky gut or inflammation.  By looking at the over-all window into your microbiome we can make nutritional or dietary recommendations that can transform not just the health of your gut but of your body and brain as well!

Urine testing is another tool we use to assess the health of our patients.  In addition to standard testing we also use urinalysis tests to asses for heavy metal or mold toxicity, as well as nutritional deficits to help determine if a person needs certain supplements to help them heal or achieve optimal health.