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Functional Medicine at Health and Wellness of Carmel

Functional Medicine at Health and Wellness of Carmel in Carmel, IN

Functional Medicine has been practiced in our group now for a number of years and word has spread. Functional Medicine is proactive and personalized where Conventional Medicine is truly reactive and provider-centered. You will find our providers and nurses will spend a great deal of time with you assessing your history, performing extensive testing, and attempting to find the root cause of your health problem.  We take the time to understand your personal situation, everything from genetics, your biology, current and past lifestyle, and even the environment you have lived in and are currently residing and working. Conventional medicine treats your symptoms and typically provides pharmaceuticals to make the effects go away. Functional medicine wants to know why those symptoms are occurring, and provide you with a course of action to make them disappear forever.

Functional Medicine is patient-centric and not doctor-focused. You will find our providers work WITH you more so than in any other office you have been in. We do so much more fact-finding, testing and labwork to pinpoint the cause of your problem. Unfortunately, the health care system is built to find the quick fix. It is about doing the minimal possible, in the shortest possible amount of time. Providers are encouraged to see as many patients as possible and send them on their way. Our providers spend much more time with their patients. While you are being attended to by a nurse, our providers are going over your history, reviewing how your body is responding to treatment, reviewing the information generated by the myriad labs done, and then updating with real-time information provided by the nurses. The goal is to work with the patient and the nurses to develop a plan of action which will solve the problem once and for all.

Insurance companies reimburse based on the quick fix routine. They are in it to make a profit.  Sure, they would like you to get well, but they make money only if you are ill. If everyone was healthy all the time, where would insurance companies be and what would their profits look like? They are not interested in the extensive testing, labs and one-on-one time we spend with patients. And they typically won’t reimburse Functional Medicine providers for the extra work they do so patients might get better and not need ongoing treatment. So much in fact, they do not have reimbursement codes for the work the providers do. And, they of course will not pay a provider without those codes. It is very clear that Functional Medicine runs counter to Insurance Medicine.

Our group is possibly the only Functional Medicine group that still works with insurance companies. Most have gone to cash only practice models where you pay up to $700 per visit, out of pocket. We have broken our fee schedule into two parts so we can help you get reimbursement for covered services and yet recover a portion of our expenses for services which seek the root cause of your symptoms.

However, we are not only interested in treating your current health problems. If asked, we help thousands of patients in formulating a lifestyle plan which we hope allows our patients to prepare their immune systems to defeat diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and many others.  Some people appreciate a small amount of guidance while others desire a comprehensive lifestyle package complete with diagnostic testing, supplements and even anti-aging and cancer prevention programs. There is something for everyone and every budget.

Our group has a number of providers, also with budgets in mind. We can work with those with minimal incomes to those who have a great deal of disposable income. They all take into account the truly cost-effective nature of Functional Medicine.  When they look at the long-term, the savings found by NOT being ill, far outweigh the costs associated with disease, even with insurance programs. High deductibles and co-pays have changed the landscape to where no one can afford to be ill anymore.  The key is now lifestyle management and being proactive when it comes to your health.

We have actually decreased some of our functional fees in order to give many people the opportunity to enter Functional Medicine at a lower cost.  They start with a Nurse Practitioner with over six years of experience working with Dr. Fetters. Her knowledge of Functional Medicine is unparalleled in many areas.  We also have other Naturopaths and Medical Doctors with many years of experience in Functional Medicine who round out our team and can provide services with even more complex histories. Where other providers have been unable to provide relief for patients, ours have been able to find the cause and effect a change.

If you would like to find out more about Functional Medicine please feel free to call our office. We can help you with determining if Functional Medicine is right for you. And, we can explain how Functional Medicine truly is affordable for everyone. You just have to want to be healthy and look at the economics of not being healthy. Don’t let Insurance Medicine keep you sick or prevent you from living a long, heathy life.