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Holistic Approach to Treating Acne

Holistic Approach to Treating Acne

From a holistic viewpoint, we truly consider our skin to be a reflection of what might be going on internally. One of the most common skin conditions in the United States is acne. Traditionally, acne is felt to be an external issue and is treated with topical remedies such as facial cleansers, creams, ect…However, like most acne sufferers have discovered, often times those topical treatments are not effective long term and can be harsh on the skin, causing secondary skin irritation. By investigating and addressing the root internal cause of the outbreak, acne can dramatically improve and often resolve with proper treatment.

There can be many underlying causes of acne and often times when someone presents with acne, it can be multifactorial. Like many other health concerns or diagnoses, we as a functional medicine provider go directly to the gut or GI tract for clues. Food sensitivities are one of the biggest contributors to acne. We can easily test for food sensitivities in our office to rule this out or pinpoint which foods are causing acne.

Another approach to consider is evaluating for hormone imbalances in both male and female patients. Often once hormones are in balance, the acne improves and we can achieve this via a natural hormone balancing approach. Nutritional deficiencies or excess of certain minerals can lead to acne as well and by supporting the body with the right level of vitamins and minerals, the condition will improve.

One of the most important concepts to consider is most definitely a holistic or functional medicine view and that is to consider a detox of some sort. Specifically we think about the liver in the case of acne. Our liver is essentially the sewage treatment plant of our body and is responsible for detoxification. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a pristine environment and often our liver is working overtime. So doing a natural liver support program can help with detoxification and in turn can help acne. There are many ways to accomplish this, however we can help determine if this is an issue and which treatments would be most appropriate.

There are so many other potential root causes of acne that aren’t mentioned above, but by taking a thorough look with lab testing and assessment, we can pinpoint the root cause for each individual patient to help acne resolve.

We look forward to helping!

-Amanda Patchett, FNP-C

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