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Homeopathic Cancer Treatment Center in Carmel, IN

At Health & Wellness of Carmel we specializes in homeopathic cancer treatment. Please Call us today for more information or book an appointment online.

Homeopathic Cancer Treatment Center in Carmel IN

Homeopathy is hundreds of years old and used by many people with cancer as a complementary therapy. If you’ve heard about it and how it may be able to help cancer patients, then read on to learn about how it could help you. And if you decide that homeopathic cancer treatment is right for you, then you’ll find it here at Health & Wellness of Carmel along with other natural therapies for cancer.

What are the benefits of seeking treatment at homeopathic cancer treatment centers?

Treating cancer can be difficult, especially for the patient, but there are complementary therapies that can help, like homeopathy. It can help patients by making them feel better about and more in control of their situation, and it can also help by providing relief from some symptoms like fatigue. As a result, a patient’s quality of life can improve significantly. Homeopathic treatment is used along with conventional medicine and possibly other natural treatments.

At Health & Wellness of Carmel, we believe homeopathic treatment can help you relax and cope with stress and other mental health issues, as well as help you control many symptoms and side effects like pain, tiredness, and sickness. Many people have reported that they feel much better with homeopathy, so we’re happy to be able to provide it to you here at Health & Wellness of Carmel! There are many homeopathic and related treatment options available, so let’s get into them.

What are the available homeopathic treatment options for cancer offered at your clinic?

You likely already know about cancer treatments like chemotherapy. Chemo can be very effective for many patients, but there are certainly side effects that come with it, like fatigue. A complementary homeopathic treatment can help ease fatigue and possibly some of the other issues that occur with cancer. There are additional treatments too that are holistic or complementary to homeopathic treatment.

Some of the different treatments we offer here at our clinic include:

  • IV therapy with vitamin C, vitamin K3, etc.
  • Hyperthermia for cancer
  • Immune support therapy, also known as advanced dendritic cell therapy
  • IV ozone therapy which may kill cancer cells
  • Sono photo dynamic therapy (SPDT) which produces an immune response in the body that may attack cancer
  • Supportive oligonucleotide technique (SOT) that may induce cell death in CTCs, CSCs, and primary and metastatic tumors
  • Customized high-intensity red light bed therapy which can stimulate the body’s natural defenses
  • Nutritional supplementation to boost your immune system to possibly fight cancer
  • And more

What should I expect during a visit with a homeopathic doctor for cancer treatment?

Here at Health & Wellness of Carmel, you can expect the doctor to spend a good hour with you or longer. This time will be spent trying to understand your condition and its possible causes and contributing factors. Your mental and emotional health will be evaluated in addition to your physical health, and your diet may be evaluated too. We’ll need to understand your particular kind of cancer as well as your general health, so you can expect us to ask you about it, and if necessary, suggest a test like:

  • Genomic testing for the methylation cycle
  • Bio 101 testing
  • Circulating tumor cell analysis (CTC)
  • Or another test

Once we have a good understanding of your condition and health, we’ll be able to provide our other services. Your treatment will be homeopathic and may include complementary therapies.

How do I get started?

Get in touch with us today at our homeopathic cancer treatment center in Carmel, IN. You can reach Health & Wellness of Carmel at (317) 795-1516, or you can book an appointment with us online. Get in touch with us for any reason, even if you have just basic questions for us about our clinic and treatments. When you come in to visit with us, you’ll find our clinic over at 11900 N. Pennsylvania St, Suite 200 Carmel, IN 46032. We look forward to speaking with and seeing you soon!