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Hormones – The Fountain of Youth

Hormones - The Fountain of Youth

If you are concerned about aging, have lost your drive, inability, experiencing hot flashes, or low libido, a deficiency of hormones could be your answer.

Why are hormones so important? Hormones are the messengers of the body. They tell the cell what to do. As we age, our hormones decrease and we call that aging.

There are many hormones in the body. The six most important to have checked are: cortisol, DHEA, insulin, and the hormones-estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. All six of these hormones are important for both men and women.

Hormones are tested with blood tests, urine tests, saliva tests or muscle testing. Our providers at Health and Wellness of Carmel take the extra step to determine the best testing option for you.

If you are not feeling your best and believe it is because of “getting older,” get your hormones checked. Here at Health and Wellness of Carmel, we provide all the latest in hormone testing and bioidentical hormone replacement.

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