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How to Get Back to Life Before Mold

In an earlier blog post, I described a clean bustling city with lots of job opportunities, growing businesses, arts, entertainment and parks, and best of all a low crime rate. Then one day a notorious gang shows up and crimes begin to escalate. The police, which usually do a great job in this city, are not trained to response to this gang and the crimes worsen until one day it’s routinely chaos in the streets. Finally, the mayor calls a state of emergency and the FBI comes in to take this gang out. Only after that can the state of emergency be lifted.

Mold biotoxin illness a.k.a. Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome is like the city with the gang without a police force trained to fight it. In this case, the police force is the immune system which while helpful for other things sometimes is not of the right genetic type to get rid of mold biotoxins. There is a test for that.

Getting back to life the way it was before can be much simpler for some than for others. Addressing every possible solution is beyond what I can cover in this blog post, but we can look at the basics.

The first and most important thing is to stop new gang members from coming into the city. In the world of CIRS that means getting out of whatever is the water-damaged environment. For a test to help determine if the place is safe see the last blog. Of course, a big question is whether or not a person really has CIRS but if he does, then trying to get better while still in the water damaged environment is usually a losing battle. It would be like being wet and having a goal to be dry. You can use lights and towels and heat -all helpful things, but they just will not work well until after you get out of the shower.

While we never recommend a person with CIRS stay in a water damaged environment, some of the damage can be ameliorated with a high end air filter like the ones made by Air Oasis and IQ Air.

The second step is toxin binders. These are like the FBI. Essentially toxin binders do the job your immune system was trying to do but wasn’t set up well to accomplish. The analogy breaks down here a bit because the FBI would probably work faster than the police would have, but the toxin binders work more slowly than a genetically optimal immune system would. As a Shoemaker trained doctor, I’ll be highlighting the most studied binders to help people turn the corner, cholestyramine and Welchol. These are generally very safe and don’t even absorb beyond the gastrointestinal tract. They can drain the whole body of the toxins because the toxins are constantly moving about throughout the body. That means they will visit the gastrointestinal tract. It would be nice if the body would just eliminate them throughout the gastrointestinal tract,  but because they move so freely they will also move out of the intestinal tract before your body can eliminate them….that is until a binder holds onto them.

As safe as they are, however, some people don’t always respond well. They can cause gas, boating and constipation and some people with CIRS are just more sensitive to almost anything. If that is the case, other alternative binders can be used. They don’t have the same empirical evidence that the Cholestyramine and Welchol do and I don’t run to them first in the place of the first two binders,  but sometimes you just have to do whatever it takes which could mean working up very slowly on the Cholestyramine or Welchol or using alternate binders which might be better tolerated.

Occasionally, someone might be especially sensitive to gluten in which case we want him or her to get off it. That would be analogous to another, though less notorious, group of criminals entering the city, not as a dangerous but certainly, they would slow down the work of responding to the original gang. We have a test for that called antigliadin antibody.

Next, imagine that the gang has distracted the police from a computer hacker that was jamming up police communication. There is a germ that can get in the nose called MARCONS that is not intrinsically the problem in Mold biotoxin illness, but it does slow down the effectiveness of recovery and it tends to only show up in a crisis like mold or Lyme. We want to test for that and if it’s there, we start silver/EDTA nose drops to get rid of it.

You would hope that that would be all you need, but as this illness progresses it creates a lot of collateral damage not only caused by the toxins but by the body’s own attempts to fix itself without success. This is like all the broken shop windows, cracked street lights, bullet holes, damaged cars etc. that might happen in a chaos laden city. More accurately, it’s like self-appointed vigilantes that create more chaos thinking they are fighting the gang that they can never actually find. Just because the gang is gone does not mean that everything is perfect.

Sometimes it takes quite a few other steps that I outline in my paper on the Shoemaker protocol at  We use the same labs originally used to help determine if a person has CIRS to know what parts of the up to11 step protocol we need to do next.

A word about the crown Jewel of the protocol:  VIP spray. This really is powerful, but in the protocol that is used last after we know that the environment is known to be safe, the

visual contrast test is back to normal, the MARCONS is treated or better eliminated, the other steps not all of which have been described here have been attempted when appropriate and a screen of the pancreas is normal.

For some, the road is a longer path than for others and even when they get to a place that feels like life before mold, there will always be a heightened sensitivity to the threat of a water-damaged building. But, you have CIRS yes, you can get back to how you were before.