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Introduction for New Patients in Carmel, IN

We Would Appreciate the Opportunity to Assist You in Booking an Appointment or Answering Any Additional Questions Regarding Our Cancer Treatment Protocols. Please Call Us Our Office.

Introduction for New Patients in Carmel, IN

Thank you for your interest in the Health and Wellness of Carmel Holistic Cancer Center. We are now accepting new patients into our program and in anticipation of questions you might have I have included information for you on what to expect at our office.

We ask that patients call their insurance provider to make sure our provider(s) is in network as we do not guarantee coverage at our office. There are so many different plans even among individual carriers. And many times you will get different answers from the same carrier. Insurance typically does not pay for all of the office visit. A functional fee applies in addition to the charge for the office visit. The functional fee is never paid for by insurance companies and represents an out-of-pocket expense.

We provide two options for patients wishing to explore our cancer treatment program.The first, for those who wish to discuss options only. The functional fee is $220, half of which is due and payable at the time of booking. This visit will go over the different holistic treatment protocols we provide and the different phases our patients go through during treatment. If you then decide to move forward, the following second option is undertaken.

The second option is for those patients who wish to be seen and have a fully detailed plan developed for the treatment of their cancer. There is a $1000 functional fee, half of which is due at the time of booking the appointment. This fee includes a detailed and exhaustive review of your medical records. It is mandatory we receive your complete medical history at least one week prior to your first visitDr. Fetters will need to have your medical records sent to review and understand the nature of your cancer and all treatment to date. You will work together to determine the treatment best suited for you.

After your initial visit, the functional fee will be $400 and be due at each office visit at time of service. This is again, in addition to the typical examination fees. Our practice does not guarantee insurance coverage for labs, procedures or office visits, again for the above reasons. All non-covered charges are the responsibility of the patient.

We are truly excited about our holistic cancer program as it represents a departure from chemo, radiation and surgical procedures which can all have a detrimental effect on people’s lives. Our protocols have the ability to be repeated as needed, whereas there are definite limitations and side effects to the standard procedures traditionally employed by other groups. Immune Support Therapy (Advanced Dendritic Cell Therapy), Sono Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT) and Supportive Oligonucleotide Technique (SOT) represent revolutionary technology in the field of cancer treatment and we are proud to be one of the few groups in the country providing this service. Coupled with our circulating tumor cell detection tests, we have the ability to now recognize, identify and treat cancer much more rapidly than through traditional methods.

We would appreciate the opportunity to assist you in booking an appointment or answering any additional questions regarding our cancer treatment protocols. Please call our office at (317) 795-1516. Thank you for your interest and consideration.


Clifford W. Fetters, MD
Health and Wellness of Carmel