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Good Health Starts In The Head

Mind Body Health in Carmel, IN

In Naturopathy there is a law know as “The Herring Law Of Cure”. It is one of the foundational laws of naturopathy. It states that “all healing starts from the head down and from the inside out…” Is this not a perfect description that your health starts in your head – how you think?

There are many levels of healing and health. Most people focus on the physical aspects, but the first level of health actually starts with the thoughts that you are thinking. Yes, the difference of every positive thought and negative thought that you think every day affects your health, one way or the other. Considering, it is estimated that we think 60,000 thoughts every day and each of these tiny, silent thoughts are affecting our health, one way or the other, we do believe this is the perfect place to begin to help you live a healthier life and a vibrant lifestyle.

So, “What is the big deal between positive and negative thought?”, you might be asking. To answer that question we need to discuss what health is. Health, whether it is good or bad, is based from a frequency. The higher the frequency, the better your health. The lower the frequency, the unhealthier you will be.

What controls the quality of the frequency? Thought. In David Hawkins book, Power Vs Force, he uses kinesiology (muscle testing) to measure the different frequencies of different degrees of thought. In his research of over 10,000 people, he measures love as one of the highest vibrations or frequencies. All types of fear were the lowest frequencies. With this information, we know that in order to achieve health, we must keep our mental focus on the concept of love, not fear. Remember that love is the highest frequency. Perfect health is also at this same vibration level which means that to be experiencing the health you are searching for, you must have the mental health and be disciplined to stay focused on this highest energy of love.

Learning how to stay positive and think healthy is just like going to the gym and working out your muscles. Your “positive thinking muscles” may not have been worked out for awhile. That is okay. With some commitment, focus, patience and persistence you will be on your way to better health. The great news is that the first step of this new path of health and wellness is just one thought away.

You have the power to change your life and your health. It starts in your head. What are you thinking right now?