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Why Is Muscle Testing Important?

Why Is Muscle Testing Important?

Many people have heard about muscle testing.  Some have had muscle testing used on them.  It has been used as a diagnostic tool by chiropractors and alternative natural health practitioners for years.  Some people have had a good experience with this technique while others have not.  Always remember that not all muscles testers are created equal.

Good, correct muscle testing techniques are invaluable for any health condition.  Why?

  • Muscle testing communicates with the body’s intelligence and the human body cannot lie.
  • By asking the body questions, an accurate muscle test can give you answers that the regular medical tests cannot detect.
  • With a knowledgeable practitioner, muscle testing can find problems at the deepest parts of tissue and cells.

Think of medical testing the “macro” side of diagnostics.  It will find the big problems causing your health concerns.  Look at muscle testing as the “micro” part of your diagnosis that can go deeper than most medical testing available today.

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