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Health and Wellness of Carmel Patient Testimonials

Addressed To : Fetters, Clifford W

Hi Dr Fetters,

I’m a patient of both Dr Weber and Dr Thomas

I just wanted to say Thank you for the newsletters you have been sending out they are very helpful! Plus I work at Whole Foods in Nora and it really helps in general to be more informed not only as a patient but as someone that has a lot of contact with people who are scared in the community.

I help calm people down and make positive recommendations as I am able.

Thanks so much and I really appreciate that Health and Wellness is still open and everything that all the staff is doing.

Thank you

I value Dr Weber and Everything I am learning from him. He is teaching lifelong skills to build on what an asset! Caring, compassionate, combined with faith and healing what more could you ask for!


Dr Thomas and his compassion.

Amanda Hobbs and Sara the IV nurse who also does work with Dr Thomas are excellent I can’t say enough about both nurses. Both are compassionate, thorough, go above and beyond, I’m just so appreciative of all the detail and care.

I have always felt well cared for and informed here at Health and Wellness. Thank you it’s always a journey!

Amy Everson

Dr. Thomas correctly diagnosed by urinary tract infection due to kidney stone surgery stents, which got infected. It lead to blood sepsis. He advised me to go to the ER immediately. This recommendation saved my life for which I am very grateful for him being my doctor. Dr. Thomas’ background as an ER doctor was quite viable in his being persistent in his recommendation.

E. Knitter

I am 75 years old and have been a patient of Dr. Fetters for over 25 years. His holistic approach has resulted in keeping me healthy and active without the need for prescription drugs. I currently take no prescription drugs and as a result don’t experience any of the side effects associated with them. I highly recommend Dr. Fetters to anyone for their medical needs.

Laurence F. 2/5/19

I was having so many gut issues and Dr. Weber put me on Restore. I could tell after only about 3 days that it was really starting to help me feel better. Now, I don’t want to be without it. Food passes through my guy and I can swallow pills again. Plus, its really helped my GI tract to clear up.

C. Richwine

I originally intended to visit just to support my overall health and wellness, but the timing ended up being perfect as I got sick leading into my appointment. Amanda Patchett and her team took the time to listen to all my symptoms and ordered testing to get to the root of my problem. What could have taken me down a long road to recovery going back and forth to my primary care physician, was not only promptly diagnosed, but a plan was immediately put in place for how to get me back to feeling good and healthy again. I am so grateful I added this team to my health plan.

Katie C.

I have been very happy with their medical services if in addition to their wellness pharmacy where I purchased many of the supplements that are use

Phyllis B.

We use Health and Wellness of Carmel for our medical needs including purchasing of supplements. Good service and convenient location.

Michael B.

Are you tired of being “sick and tired?” If you want to find the “root” cause of your health problems, this is the place to go. I wish I had chosen to go to Dr Fetters 2 years ago after moving to Indiana from NC for Chronic Lyme Disease. Within 5 months He has gotten me to where I can function again and for the first time in years, I can see wellness in my future. Thank you, Dr. Fetters!

Coleen J.

Amanda and her staff are very kind and patient. They care about your health and cover all the basis without putting you on prescription medication. They get to the bottom line to heal you naturally. They are kind and compassionate.

Jessica P.

Great experience! Everyone here was super helpful! Very excited to start my treatment!

Erica D.

What a fantastic group! My son has had issues with digestion that no other doctor seemed to acknowledge. They recommend a food allergy/sensitivity test that pinpointed his problem areas. We were treated with kindness and respect, even though my son is special needs and is not easy to work with sometimes. I highly recommend health and wellness of Carmel!

Anne P.

One of the most professional offices I have visited in the last few decades! Dr. Fetters has turned my life around. In just two months, my life has improved so much. My immune system is improving, I am now getting restful sleep at night, I have a handle on my allergies and I am now getting back to life. I have been looking for a doctor that would NOT tell me “I don’t know how to help you”. Dr. Fetters not only told me he could help me, he has kept his word. Just feeling better in such a short time has given me hope and a more positive outlook on life. Thank you Dr. Fetters and staff!.

Adursula H.

Dr Weber saved my thyroid! Feeling tired all the time family doctor did blood work to discover thyroid was not functioning properly. Endocrinologist gave me medication which led to three weeks of swollen migratory join pain. I could not work, I was bed ridden. Fearful I was never going to have the ability to walk again I became depressed. On return visit to endocrinologist I was told to either keep taking the medication with the adverse affects or destroy the Thyroid and take medication for the rest of my life.
My next step was to go to Dr. Weber. After one visit and taking the herbal medications he suggested I FEEL GREAT!! All pain and swelling is gone. My energy level is back to normal. I will always go to Dr. Weber for all my medical needs.

Stacie K.

This is a very unique practice. The practitioners at Health and Wellness go above and beyond what my previous PCP would do. I had unexplained symptoms and health issues that traditional medicine “pushed under the rug.” The staff appeared very competent and caring; they took the time to explain things to me and made me feel very at home. I highly recommend their nurse practitioner Amanda Patchett. She helped me uncover the root cause of my unexplained issues. When my insurance denied some labs, the billing department and nursing staff went above and beyond to resubmit my claim and it came back at 100% covered. My hope is that more physicians will go against the grain and learn about functional medicine. I’d give 10 stars if I could!

Theresa L.

How can I say or express my gratitude for welcoming my smile, my joy to come back home. My first session of Evox was worth the 3-hour ride to ger here. I was able to share my journey of being carjacked and held hostage with my daughter in the back seat of the car. Each moment I was able to share and release brought such clarity of healing. I could literally feel my body responding positively to the healing process. Its like my energy points that were blocked came to a point of bursting out the negative. Then a sense of renewal flooded in. At this moment this may sound quite silly, but every element of my being was smiling. Thank you for walking me through this journey.

Lorian H.

After going to family doctor for leg swelling and being extremly tired all the time they sent me for blood work and found out I had thyroid issues. Put me on medication that I was on for a month and then had severe reaction to medication. Doctors had no idea what was wrong with me. Was having severe swilling and pain could not move my hands for 3 days. Then they pain began to move all over my body. I couldn’t do anything by myself. This lasted for a month. Still the doctor had no clue. Made several trips to the ER to only be told here are meds and go home. Came to see doctor Weber and he gave me meds. Took them for about 3 wks. I feel better than I have in years. I thank doctor Weber so much for his healing talents. I would highly recommend him.

Stacie K.

In January 2018 I saw Dr. Fetters for what I thought might be Lymes Disease due to debilitating pain. After following a prescribed diet and supplement plan, the pain is almost completely eliminated and have been walking 5-7 miles/day April. I’ve also lost about 40 lbs. as well and feel terrific! Almost done with my treatment plan and I am loving life. Thank you Dr. Fetters!

Julian M.

I had been a patient of several doctors in Indianapolis and Chicago looking for competent alternative doctor that focused on “Wellness.” When I met with Dr. Fetters, I felt I had the doctor I was searching for to provide wellness. I have been very happy with his medical practice for acound a decade. He uses various advanced medical techniques and treatements. My overall mental and physical health has significantly improved. Plus, I have an advanced knowledge of how to maintain my health.

I highly recommend Dr. Fetters.

David C.

HWOFC is the place to go for premiere healthcare. Dr. Thomas is a phenomenal physician who goes the extra mile to provide outstanding medical care. He cares about the whole person, not just treating the physical aliment at hand. He is very knowledgable about medicine and easily thinks outside the box to provide solutions to problems and understanding their origins.

Amanda and Faith are awesome nurses who very quickly and accurately transcribe every detail Dr. Thomas gives them and records it in your chart. It is amazing how thorough they are, for after I get home I have a complete record of the visit, complete with an explanation of why Dr. Thomas is doing what he is doing.

The office staff are equally as courteous and helpful. So too those in the lab and store.

I give HWOFC an A++ for their progressive and dynamic pursuit of functional medicine therapy, prevention, and treatment.

Eric K.

Eric K. October 25, 2018

I am a 68-year old male. I started seeing Dr. Fetters in 1997. I didn’t start seeing him because I was looking for a holistic doctor. I was just looking for a family doctor and I thought Dr. Fetters was a good one.

At the time, I didn’t even know what holistic meant. Back then, Dr. Fetters was not the holistic doctor he is today. I like to think we grew into that experience together. Today, I feel that Dr. Fetters is an excellent holistic doctor. As a patient, taking a holistic approach to healthcare is a leap of faith because it takes time and its different than treating an infection. It is all about improving health over time. I understand now that Dr. Fetters is making the body’s systems more healthy and able to withstand the day-to-day challenges the body must fight off. How do I know it works? I have noticed over the last several years that I make far less visits to see him for infections and other ailments. I get fewer colds and my allergies are better.

Stephen P. October 23, 2018

I have been a patient at Health and Wellness of Carmel for about eight years. Dr. Clifford Fetters has been my primary physician. He is very knowledgeable, permeable, patient, and caring. He examines the whole person to identify and diagnose illness and conditions that may impede optimal health medicine/tests and wellness. He employs both mainstream and alternative to develop an individual treatment plan. I have trusted Dr. Fetters and his staff to provide me quality healthcare and I have learned a great deal in the process. I am making a geographic move but intend to keep coming back for periodic check ups because I find importance in keeping my connection with Dr. Fetters and Health and Wellness of Carmel.

Paula S. October 22, 2018

After undergoing this Tennant procedure I felt more relaxed – better able to cope with stressful situations in personal, professional interactions.

John M. October 3, 2018

After performing a Tennant, the skin rash on my right palm and splitting of the skins as much better and improved for at least 2 weeks. I was amazed that for the first time in years, the pain had subsided.

Alice H. Septempber 24, 2018

In August of 2012 I passed out driving down the highway. This was just the beginning. I could not stand in one spot for more than a couple minutes without passing out because my blood pressure would drop so low. I was sent to a cardiologist for this. He ran lots of test & put me on medicine that helped some. I had time to sit before I passed out.

Next I was sent to a neurologist. I could not walk a straight line. I felt like I was walking in a fog & could not remember words. They ran lots of test.

Then I was sent to an endocrinologist who also ran lots of test.

Several of the test were abnormal but nobody seemed to know the cause & wanted only to treat the symptoms. This went on for 6 months as I continued to get worse, to the point I could hardly function. I’m a nurse at an Indianapolis hospital. I had a patient tell me in July how much Dr. Fetters had helped her. So I decided to give Functional Medicine a try.

From the first visit I felt hope. Dr. Fetters started treating me & I started improving. Dr. Fetters figured out the cause & treated that. I have been a patient now for a little over 5 1/2 years. Dr. Fetters is an amazing doctor. He has a kind & gentle bedside manner. He takes his time with you & he cares. Plus Functional Medicine in my case worked much better than traditional medicine.

If you are considering Health & Wellness of Carmel I believe you will be very happy with this practice. From the time you walk in the door it has an atmosphere of caring & healing.

Opal N. Semptember 24, 2018

I am 69 years old. I came to Dr. Fetters 2 years ago because I was experiencing a case of pneumonia that I couldn’t cure. My family Dr and traditional medicine had no answers, 3 rounds of antibiotics and only getting worse.

Dr. Fetters tested me to check my body for its true overall condition. We found that my immune system was greatly impaired by the presence of lead (2 normal) levels and mercury 3x normal levels. I underwent (6) chelation treatments to wash these “poison” elements from my body and allowing my body to heal and fight off disease.

I can get a cold and fight it off or I can fight off virus to avoid the symptoms of cold and flu.

I’m taking healthy supplements to build my overall condition.

I feel that Dr. Fetters has saved me from what would have been bad to worse to catastrophic health conditions. Treat the causes of illness not just the symptoms.

Thanks to Dr. Fetters and his staff for true help I otherwise would never have received. Also for discovering conditions I would never have known about.

Greg M. September 17, 2018

Recurring Crohn’s symptoms, insomnia, major fatigue, joint pain, memory problems. My daughter is the one that wanted me to give the natural approach. All other care for me wasn’t working, thought why not? Very glad I did! This is the best I’ve felt in three years.

Everyone helpful and friendly from front office to back staff. I like the way they explained my care step-by-step. I had labs and they helped me understand the need for these to help in my care. They go one step further in lab results than any medical personnel I’ve seen. Impressed!

I was placed on a Paleo diet to try for 30 days. Told me of a book to read to help me understand this diet. This diet was easy to follow, some getting used to but I did notice good results for more than weight loss. Lab results helpful in my care. These labs guided them in the care that was needed for me.

Great improvements with decreased Crohn’s flares. Fatigue improving, decreased to almost no joint pain, memory and thought process improving – still working on my insomnia the natural way which is the way I prefer. Glad I’m here. I would recommend anyone to give this a try. (Anne was a patient of Amanda Patchett, FNP-C)

Anne T.

Testimonials Health and Wellness of Carmel, IN

Describe the reason you sought care here / how you felt before coming here:

To stabilize sleep patterns, hormones, to gain vitality and energy. I was dropping weight with apparently no reason. Lots of headaches, hair loss.

Briefly describe your experience / care in our office:

Professional attention and Dr Fetters was the first doctor after many doctors visits that inquired bloodwork and found out that I was suffering symptoms of Lyme disease. Eureka!

What approach / protocol / treatment do you feel made the biggest difference in your health?

Supplements, MagnaZap with Dr. Weber and continuous care. The availability of supplements in the pharmacy within the practice. The supplements are of superior quality.

Describe how you were doing / feeling now, as opposed to when you first started treatment:

Much better, and with determination to assist others as well, as I’m with more energy, vitality.

Maria D.

In 2012, I received chemo/radiation for triple negative breast cancer. I was already experiencing joint and muscle pain, and extreme exhaustion – now add neuropathy. A friend of my daughters highly recommended it here. A year later I took the “leap of faith”. The experience in care is beyond any experience I have ever had in the medical field. Dr. Thomas and his nursing staff enable me and motivate me to be a better caretaker of myself. When I walked out the first day I decided the whole foods diet and vitamins they prescribed were going to be a lifestyle change. I lost 25 pounds the first three months without feeling starved! In three days I could actually walk across the floor without shuffling. My neuropathy went away and pain reduced 80 percent. If I feel bad (any day) it’s because of what I am doing or not doing. It is my responsibility to take care of myself not a doctor or a prescription which I am proud to say I take none! I am happy to say I am 100% better than when I began. Do I fall backwards, some. But now I have a program and a doctor and staff that believe in me! Don’t walk, run, if you can to this practice!

Cathy C.

I first came to HWofC in October of 2015 after a lifetime of being ill. Since I can remember, I have had health issues that included strange symptoms ranging from muscle pain and numbness to chest pain, stomach and digestion issues, joint aches, headaches, brain fog, and on top of that, I was constantly tired. I was only 27 years old, but felt much, much older. I had been to multiple doctors throughout my life trying to get some explanation of what was making me so sick. I had been diagnosed with celiac disease and fibromyalgia, yet no matter what I tried, I still had severe residual symptoms. I also didn’t want to have to take prescription drugs for the rest of my life just to be able to function normally. I finally discovered that I may have undiagnosed long-term lyme disease and that’s when I decided to see Dr. Fetters at Health and Wellness of Carmel who is a “lyme-literate doctor” or LLMD (who actually takes insurance!!). Dr. Fetters is very thorough and aims to find the cause of your issues, and then ways to resolve the issues. Dr. Fetters tested for many things other doctors never took the care or time to (using more sensitive testing methods to get clearer answers) and discovered what the multiple underlying causes for my symptoms were. My treatment consisted of mostly herbals and vitamins as well as some antibiotics and IV blood irradiation and vitamin C.  After a lifetime of feeling ill, and only 14 months of treatment with Dr. Fetters, I’m now off of all prescriptions but one, and am feeling better than I’ve felt since I can remember. I still have a little ways to go, but I am looking forward to being in remission soon! The great thing about functional medicine that differs from mainstream medicine is that it views the person as an entire system and strives to understand and treat the underlying causes of your issues (medical, dietary, emotional, etc.) rather than just covering up the symptoms with prescriptions. I finally have answers – and now resolutions! – for the many, weird symptoms that have made me feel so ill.

I cannot rave enough about the quality of care that I’ve received from Dr. Fetters and all of the staff members at HWofC. Everyone there is extremely helpful and kind and just REALLY wants you to get better. The nurses take notes for you during your appointment so that you don’t have to try and remember everything (brain-fog compatible!), and the receptionists, reiki specialist, and IV nurses are always so friendly and helpful. Thank you HWofC for helping me to finally get on the path to health in my life! I feel like a completely different and renewed person with how far I’ve been able to come with your treatment.

A L.

Over 20 years ago, I began to experience serious health issues. My symptoms included fatigue, joint pain, brain fog, sinusitis, Candida, leaky gut, colon parasites, Epstein Barr, valley fever, heavy metals, depression and other issues that I really can’t recall. With chelation and supplements I experienced periods of better health, but I never really achieved optimal health.

Upon the advice of an acquaintance, I became a patient of Dr. Fetters, Dr. Weber and Lyn Williams, DM, CCH, Reiki Master Practitioner. Through tests, Dr. Fetters determined that genetically, my body is compromised. Dr. Weber has determined the root causes of many of my health issues and treated them with supplements and herbs. I also have greatly benefited from UVB, IV, and Ionic Foot Bath treatments, which have helped rid my body of chronic fatigue, Candida, joint pain, heavy metals, “ super bacteria”, viruses and an additional 33 pounds, that have plagued me for years. After the treatments, I was able to hike to the highest point of Pinnacle Peak Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona and walk in the Indianapolis Mini Marathon with my daughters. Both of these accomplishments are monumental for me. I have also had many people tell me “You don’t look or act like the person that you were a year ago. You look and act healthier and your mental outlook is much more positive.” I’ll take it!

I am currently exploring the four components of optimum health which includes Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical balance. Lyn has been working with me on the emotional component and has greatly relieved my stress and many painful emotions.

I am grateful to all of the doctors, nurses, staff and fellow patients, whom have touched my life and taught me many valuable lessons, throughout my 20 year journey. I recognize that my journey to optimum health, will continue to evolve, as does my life, and I’m OK with that, because I feel that I have been placed in the hands of compassionate, knowledgeable doctors, nurses, and staff at Health and Wellness of Carmel, whom continue to seek optimal treatment for their patients.


Kris D.

Testimonials Health and Wellness of Carmel, IN

The reason I sought care at H&W was to find out the root cause of my illness and to get off conventional medicine. Before coming to H&W I had extreme joint pain, stiffness and swelling of my hands and knees. Along with that, I had horrible skin rashes – very red skin on my hands. I also was experiencing hair loss.

I have always felt that the care is awesome. The nurses are very helpful and very personable. Dr. Fetters has helped me tremendously! I am so very thankful for him and his staff! They make each visit pleasant and fun. I have learned so much about my health. I cannot ask for a better team!! The front office staff are always helpful too.

Every treatment has had a big impact on restoring my health. They all work together in a unique combination prescribed specifically for each individual health issue.

I feel excellent! Pain free, rash free and my hair has grown back! I sleep well, have more energy again, am active and can just enjoy life again.

Thank you again Health & Wellness!

Sheri H.

“I have had the privilege and the pleasure of using your personal medical services for over twenty-five years now. I gave up using all five of my former endocrinologists that were referred to me by various other medical professionals during my career in search of someone that could legitimately and effectively assist me in managing my Type One diabetes. I quickly learned that your knowledge and assistance was ample in helping me to maintain excellent continuous health and not only have I maintained a rigid control and personal accountability with my A1c levels throughout my last twenty-five years, but you have me feeling better than ever despite other medical conditions that have arisen from time to time and you have treated.
I sincerely believe that you are one of the most advanced medical doctors in the greater Indianapolis area and after years of trying specialists and others to maintain the very best health possible for my well-being, I have learned that if the right medical professional is treating me at all times the need to see other medical experts will be easily managed with your capable referrals and passionate care treatment program.
I am so genuinely grateful for your service that I wanted to make others aware of how exceptional you really are in a world full of medical professionals that mostly know their patients by patient numbers rather than their personal name and medical history. You’re holistic approach to western medicine is a life saver for me and one that has given me back energy, vitality, and the spirit that accompanies good health.
I thank you for your wisdom and dedication to your profession!”


T had chronic wrist swelling of his left wrist. After seeing Ortho docs we were referred to a Rheumatologist at Riley. At the first visit this doctor diagnosed T with JIA. He wanted to immediately put T on Naproxen and Methotrexate. I said heck no to the Methotrexate but agreed to try Naproxen. From there his health deteriorated. In my gut, I knew it was not right! I began my own journey of research and healthier treatment and found functional medicine through a Ted Talks by Dr. Mark Hymen. I searched for functional medicine doctors and found Dr. Fetters. I was so happy to finally find answers.

I knew on our first visit that we had found our true place of healing! Dr. Fetters beams such a bright light. He was so friendly, happy, positive and extremely knowledgeable. He seemed positive that we can find the right treatment for T. His confidence of a remission made us feel so hopeful. Within the next six months T kept getting better and better! Our first visit was January 2016 – T was in complete remission by June 2016.

For one, Dr. Fetters knew what tests to run to find the true cause of T’s symptoms. After finding out T has Lyme disease everything made sense. Dr. Fetters looked for any imbalance in his system and then corrected it with natural herbs and vitamins! That way his body was in top shape to control his health. We are truly stunned behind the power of functional medicine!

T went from being in pain and unable to use his left hand to being symptom free in about six months! We were originally told by the Rheumatologist that T would never grow out of this and that if we didn’t take the meds (poison) that he could end up in a wheelchair. Well… look at us now.

Thank you Dr. Fetters!! We could never thank you enough!

Mandy B.

Testimonials Health and Wellness of Carmel, IN
Testimonials Health and Wellness of Carmel, IN

Previous doctors didn’t seem interested in resolving my physical symptoms. Learning about naturopathic medicine through a membership with “Health Science Institute”, I decided to contact an ACAM certified doctor for help.

On my very first visit at Health and Wellness of Carmel, I knew they cared about resolving my health issues. The doctor was able to explain what was likely going on based upon my descriptions of symptoms. His explanation gave me total confidence I made the right choice coming to Health and Wellness of Carmel.

Tests that determined the presence of two types of intestinal parasites, inflammation of the digestive tract and leaky gut. Also, the “Whole 30” regimen has made a world of a difference in my quality of life. Follow-up treatments and supplemental regimens worked proving the doctor was correct in his analysis.

My energy level has increased significantly. I’ve developed a more positive outlook on life. Now I have a better understanding for my nutritional needs through proper diet. Thank you Health and Wellness of Carmel.

Stephen C.

Prior to coming to Dr. Fetters, our 12 year old daughter had been to fifteen doctors, had approximately 35 blood draws/ tests or procedures, and had been to the Mayo Clinic in a two and half year period…our daughter had severe neurological shaking, extreme fatigue, severe headaches, very sensitive to light and sound, severe joint pain that migrated around her body, couldn’t handle being in school because of her fatigue/the noise/and stress…through research, I felt that she had PANDAS (Pediatric Auto Immune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Strep) but each doctor we went to felt that she did not possess enough of thesymptoms to have this disorder….they felt it was related to anxiety…I had also suggested that she might have lyme disease… thru my internal medicine doctor, we learned of Dr. Clifford Fetters….Dr. Fetters is like a master problem solver…he took the symptoms Elizabeth had and systematically went thru each symptom and then thru diagnostic testing and his knowledge, he formulated a carefully planned out plan of attack…Dr. Fetters said Elizabeth had severe Candida (yeast infection), lyme’s disease, PANDAS, and she was severely allergic to Gluten…he has taken a preteen/teenager who was laying on the couch, in severe pain in her joints, headaches that would blind her, fingers shaking, and who basically was going downhill and performed a miracle…one year later…she is playing basketball, her headaches are at a minimum, her joint pain is gone, sound doesn’t bother her and the sparkle has come back in her eyes….the thing I like about Dr. Fetters is…he thinks outside the box…he is constantly researching along the process and is not afraid to reach out to other doctors/experts to help him treat our daughter…he is one of those people that you will always be thankful for because of his commitment to patients…he gave us back our daughter and for that I will be eternally grateful.


I enjoyed it. I thought Lyn was very intuitive, informative and explained what was going on and what she was doing. I felt balanced and better with brain fog if that’s possible. Relaxed… I don’t think it’s unreasonably priced, it isn’t covered by insurance.


Dr. Weber was able to identify gut issue disturbances that was manifesting through chronic hand dermititis. Within 48 hours of starting herbal protocal my hands began to heal. Its almost one year later and my hands are doing great! My Hands are 90% better. I can use them without pain or bleeding! Thank you Dr. Weber!


I’ve been a patient of Dr. Fetters for many years because I feel strongly about a preventative and holistic approach to healthcare. Using natural supplements, vitamins, and diet to deal with health issues just makes more sense to me than the alternatives. With the help of Dr. Fetters, I generally feel better with more energy than I did when I was younger.


How many times have you gone to the doctor with symptoms and are not able to get help? The doctor listens, does some testing and can’t find anything wrong. He or she then says they believe you have symptoms but can’t identify a problem. The visit ends with prescribing you an antibiotic that doesn’t do anything. In my case it started years ago with some stomach and urinary tract discomfort. It was minor at first but the symptoms increased over time. When I’d visit the doctor it was always the same answer. We can’t find any problem but here is an antibiotic. And again no resolution and nothing changed. As time went on the symptoms continued to magnify and the tests got more invasive but the results were always negative. My family has a history of colon and prostate cancer so I know it’s important to be tested. Late last year I simply asked my urologist if he thought I had cancer. His answer was that he estimated about a 10% chance of having cancer. That has a lot to do with the fact prostate biopsies are literally hit or miss and don’t always show the cancer. As a result, you may have cancer and not know it. My doctor finished by saying if I had cancer, he envisioned we wouldn’t have to treat it for a while and that people can live with it a long time. That didn’t work for me. I wasn’t going to walk around with cancer if I had it.

I had heard about Carmel Health and Wellness from a co-worker. He was having thyroid problems and his endocrinologist prescribed a synthetic hormone. It wasn’t working well. My co-worker wasn’t happy with the situation and went to Carmel Health and Wellness. It turned out my co-worker had an Iodine deficiency. A simple supplement restored his thyroid to health. That motivated me to make an appointment with Dr. Clifford Fetters from Carmel Health and Wellness. I didn’t really have any expectations but needed to get another opinion. It started with sophisticated testing, some of which is not covered by insurance. So be aware you are going to have to spend some money. That being said Dr. Fetters was able to zero in on the problem behind the symptoms. It turned out I didn’t have cancer. And he wasn’t going to just treat the symptoms. The treatment does center around supplements and therapy. At first I was apprehensive about supplements mainly because of potential stomach distress. In fact I had to stop taking the supplements initially because of discomfort and later re-introduced them. The discomfort returned but then wore off along with my symptoms. I had no relief for over 10 years and then it was like a light switch and the symptoms were gone. The problems stemmed from, staph, pneumonia and my ability to fight mold. I almost laughed when I heard the diagnosis. I haven’t had a cold or the flu in over a year and had no visible signs of staph. So I was confused. But the test results were there, plain as day. And antibiotics weren’t the answer. I have always worked to stay in shape and try to have a good diet, limiting processed grains and sugars. While you need to do that, it’s only part of the solution. You have to treat the problem. Of course results can vary. I’m sharing my results with you and wish you the same success. You won’t know if it will work until you try. So that’s up to you. All my best!

M. Steffes

Testimonials Health and Wellness of Carmel, IN
Testimonials Health and Wellness of Carmel, IN

I came in for a full body thermography to get a checkup, which revealed an abnormal outcome in my mouth. I followed up with my dentist and they told me that I had no abnormal teeth and that everything looked fine. I then schedule an appointment with a Periodontist to get a second option. During that office visit, they did a comprehensive oral exam, which included a 3D cone beam CT results. These results revealed that I had two infected teeth (one that has a crown and one that is a root canal). The periodontist had told me that if I didn’t seek any interventions, I would have eventually developed an autoimmune risk. Now with these results, which initiated from a routine full body thermogram, my periodontist, Dr. Fetters, and Dr. Weber are working in coordination to correct these issues.

J. Pierce