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Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment in Carmel, IN

Do You Suffer from Tingling, Prickling, Numbness, and Muscle Weakness in Various Parts of the Body? Get the Best Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy in Carmel, IN. Check Our Best Specials and Prices. Visit Us at 11900 N. Pennsylvania ST, Suite 200 Carmel, IN 46032.

Peripheral Neuropathy in Carmel, IN

I would like to take this moment to share with you just how our Neuropathy Treatment Program is dramatically changing people’s lives for the better!

I think you will find that this information will give you the confidence that you CAN feel better.

Our program consists of 3 key parts.

Part 1)  Health light Infrared light Therapy – The health light has taken great steps to gear their infrared therapy towards the benefit of the neuropathy patient. This therapy should not be confused with the low level products that are available to the consumer. Changes to penetration, intensity and absorption has resulted in a superior product which lead to dramatic and superior results.  An example of that is that the average infrared system energy emitted from the diodes is about 10-13 milliwatts per square centimeter where as the Health light system emits 100 milliwatts of energy per diode.

The treatment with infrared light is simple and painless. Flexible pads, each containing small lights, are affixed over the feet, ankles, or other affected areas. The photon energy that pulses from the lights penetrates beneath the skin and is absorbed by deep tissues. After just 30 minutes of treatment, blood flow is enhanced by 400 percent, and this boost in local circulation persists for several hours after the pads are removed. The key to this dramatic improvement in blood flow is a short-lived molecule called nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is an unstable gas that is crucial to the health of the cardiovascular system, and by extension, to every part of the body that depends on an adequate blood supply for normal functioning. Though nitric oxide exists for only 10 seconds after being released by a cell, this powerful signaling molecule helps regulate blood pressure, prevents arterial spasms, and discourages platelets from clumping together in the blood vessels. In short, nitric oxide protects the artery walls and boosts circulation.

As blood cells pass beneath the light unit, they absorb photons of energy, causing them to release nitric oxide. This localized release enhances blood flow in the immediate vicinity, bringing oxygen and nutrients to injured tissues and stimulating healing. The other effect is the increase in Nerve Growth Factor as a bi-product of the increase in circulation. This effect can be seen in the beneficial responses associated with the injured nerves and myelin regeneration.

This therapy has been the subject of at least eight clinical trials in patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy and “loss of protective sensation,” an objective measure of nerve impairment and a significant risk factor for amputation. These studies found that treatment with infrared light therapy restored sensation in 93 percent of affected limbs, greatly reducing risk of amputation. Restored sensation has an added benefit: It improves balance. In one study, the number of falls reported by patients declined by 96 percent following infrared light therapy treatment.

Neuropathy patients without Diabetes likewise have been experiencing dramatic and long term relief! This occurs because this portion of our treatment is increasing chemicals that increase circulation and help nerves to heal!

 Part 2) Ozone Therapy

Oxone therapy has been shown to increase circulation, mitochondrial activity and tissue oxygenation. Studies have shown that ozone therapy increases peripheral circulation, decreases pain and calms nerves down. This approach in conjunction with Infrared light therapy allows us to address circulation and repair both from inside and outside!

 Part 3)  Balance Re-training and Fall Prevention.

This part of the treatment builds on the improvements and changes seen with part 2. Patients are challenged on balance platforms, performing exercises within their abilities. We are able to further increase the function of your nerves associated with balance, increased function and decrease pain.

Likewise we have had the pleasure to see these problems improve dramatically.

I hope this gives you the answers and the comfort you were looking for and helps you to realize that we are using cutting edge therapies and science. As you have just heard we are truly changing lives!

Don’t you think it is time for you to get the relief you deserve?