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Physician Grade supplements in Carmel, IN

A physician’s care is the single most important aspect of our Physician Grade supplements. As the human body adjusts, our physicians monitor changes and modify our patients’ supplement regimens.

Purity is one key aspect of a Physician Grade Supplement. Our supplements are carefully chosen for the purity of the raw ingredients as well as the omission of preservatives and additives for flavor, coloring and other non-essential ingredients. Strength is another aspect of our Physician Grade Supplements. Many of our labels identify strength based on the strength remaining at the expiration date, not the date it was manufactured. This provides quality unmatched by most other supplements. We stock over 550 Physician Grade Nutritional Supplements specifically chosen for their purity and quality.

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We are priced competitively and in most cases lower than many metropolitan areas. In addition, our quality makes a difference in effectiveness.