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Seminars at Health & Wellness of Carmel

Seminars at Health & Wellness of Carmel

About Our Classes –

The Fundamental of Muscle Testing (Muscle Testing 101)

  • This class is for anyone who would like to learn how to muscle test. It can be for people who have taken our class before but feels they might need it again. Anybody can learn this valuable life tool.

Advanced Muscle Testing

  • The Natural Approach to Lyme Disease
    • This class will take the mystery out of this terrible epidemic that could be affecting you and your family and you do not even know it.
    • Learn what Lyme disease is, how it is spread, symptoms, and how to address Lyme disease naturally. Dr. Weber has had multiple successes at treating Lyme disease and he will be discussing how he has helped people who suffered from this disease.
  • Toxicity-Detox or Diet
    • This class will discuss all the elimination systems and how they work together. Many toxins will be identified and frequency of toxins will be given to help find these toxins. Also, techniques in how to remove toxins naturally.

Advanced Muscle Testing

  • Exploring the Brain
    • Weber has been intensely studying the brain for the last two years. In this class, he will share his many finding in physical and metaphysical forms. Our brain runs our bodies. If the brain is not functioning properly, our bodies are not functioning properly. All of us as we age lose brain function. This class will give you information that you can use to improve your brain.
  • Extracellular Matrix
    • The Body Balance Healing System’s programs are going deeper than ever. This class will discuss health at the cellular level. A person is as healthy as they are at the cell level. Learn how to test at a level of health that medical professionals cannot. Find answer that they are not able to find.

How to use Muscle Testing Everyday (Muscle Testing 201)

  • Many people who have taken Muscle Testing 101 is still questioning their skill level, they do not trust themselves. After learning the first step, they are stuck. They have quit testing because they do not know what to state or the questions to ask. This class will give attendees more information how to use muscle testing to select safe foods, the correct supplements and many other day-to-day uses. In addition, each person will be assisted by one of our qualified trainers to improve their testing skills and get all questions answered.


Muscle Testing 101: Fundamentals of Muscle Testing
Presented by: Dr. Jerry Weber, ND
Access the keys to vibrant living with the science of muscle testing. This introductory class will teach you the fundamental techniques so that you can muscle test:

  • Supplement Choice
  • Supplement Quality
  • Food Quality
  • Emotional Stressors
  • Physical Health