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Sleep Disorder Connected to Anxiety? – Health and Wellness Clinic in Carmel IN

Blog by AnnaMarie Salyer, FNP at Health and Wellness of Carmel IN

Sleep Disorder Connected to Anxiety to Diabetes in Carmel, IN

Do you believe you worry more than others, or have you chronically suffered with anxiety? Do you wake up worrying in the middle of the night? If so, a sleep disorder may be the cause of your anxiety.

According to a recent study conducted at The University of California-Berkley, lacking in sleep can activate regions of the brain that increase anxiety. The study found that sleep deprivation stimulates areas of the brain that process emotions and reduced sleep will mimic anxiety. Depression symptoms and mania in individuals with bipolar disorder may be exasperated when sleep is reduced.

The results of this study found that individuals with anxiety disorders, panic attacks and post-traumatic disorder may successfully decrease their anxiety with sleep therapy. Your functional medicine provider can suggest several ways to improve sleep, which will improve your overall health and reduce anxiety naturally.

Just a few simple methods for improving sleep include avoiding exposure to blue light from electronics before bed, sleeping in a cool room, and taking supplements like magnesium. Your functional provider will also look for underlying issues such as food sensitivities, hormonal issues, and heavy metal toxicity that can contribute to your sleep and anxiety issues.

  • AnnaMarie Salyer, FNP