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Strategic Plan in Carmel, IN

Our vision
Optimal Wellness Naturally, O.W.N.

Our mission
To educate, facilitate and advocate the natural approach to health and wellness to end chronic diseases.

Our core values
We will provide the highest quality medical care and services respecting the biochemical individuality of each individual to maximize health outcomes. Our staff will deliver caring, respectful and highly competent services. Health and Wellness of Carmel will treat all members of the family as unique individuals with varying needs and concerns. We focus on the overall health, wellness and emotional well-being of each person.

We partner with our patients and base our medical decisions upon the most appropriate treatment, supported by the most up-to-date medical research. We will be honest and forthright with our patients so each individual can decide what the best treatment option is for them.

Americans today are facing an epidemic of chronic illness. In 1900, cancer and heart disease accounted for 18 percent of all deaths. Today, that figure’s jumped to 63 percent.

In fact, chronic illness is now the biggest single driver of medical costs. To quote an article from,

“U.S. health care costs for chronic diseases totaled $1.1 trillion in 2016. When lost economic productivity is included, the total economic impact was $3.7 trillion.”

Furthermore, compared with other developed nations, the U.S. has ranked poorly on cost and outcomes. This is predominantly because of our current healthcare systems inability to effectively manage chronic disease. Treating symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs have proven inadequate. Chronic diseases are ongoing, currently considered incurable illnesses or conditions by traditional medicine. The top 10 in order of prevalence are hypertension, Alzheimer’s and other dementias, heart disease, depression, arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, COPD, cancer and stroke. At Health and Wellness of Carmel we believe that these diseases are most often preventable, and frequently can be put in remission through early detection, improved diet, exercise, and holistic treatment therapy.

Strategic goals
To educate the public and practitioners that suffering from chronic disease is a choice. The root cause of nearly every disease can be determined and effectively treated. Less than 1% of the office visits in America today involves seeing a holistic practitioner. Our goal is that number will reach 18% by the year 2025.

Our team will work in partnership with holistic and traditional health care providers from around the world to find the most cost-effective measures to eliminate chronic disease. We will keep up with the latest research in both holistic and traditional health care. Our training includes our association with the Institute of Functional Medicine, AAFP, A4M, ACIM, ACAM, ILADS and Moss Reports.