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Stress, Anxiety & PTSD Treatment Clinic in Carmel, IN

Health and Wellness of Carmel can help alleviate the life-destroying effects of chronic stress and anxiety, as well as acute stress… including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Call us to Schedule a Visit with one of our expert doctors.

Stress, Anxiety & PTSD in Carmel, IN

All stress related conditions share the commonality of the person’s brain-chemistry being out of balance.  Nothing rips apart the fabric of one’s life or family faster than chronic stress, daily anxiety or the lasting effects of traumatic stress.

Our proprietary BR+ protocols are effective at enabling patients to overcome anxiety, depression, chronic or acute stress, and PTSD.

At the end of the treatment, 90% of our patients report increased clarity of mind, better problem-solving ability, improved focus and concentration, increased energy, improved mood and increased peace of mind.

Our Integrative Approach to Brain Restoration

The first step is to have an assessment prior to the treatment whereby the patient’s medical history and current status is reviewed. This initial assessment will determine what the patient’s protocol will be.

The patient receives individually designed IV (Intravenous) protocols of BR+ under the supervision of trained medical staff. This process improves and promotes healthy brain functioning.

This treatment is not a substitute for recovery. It is not a cure, it is the beginning of the process of healing. Once the brain is restored to optimal functioning, the patient has the clarity and peace of mind to engage in the recovery process with the ability to make mindful choices that are self-supportive rather than self-destructive.

The stress management treatment is typically completed within 4 days. The initial assessment will determine if additional days will be necessary. During the four days, patients will receive the IV treatment, along with amino acids, vitamins and minerals to restore depleted neurochemicals that are the hallmark of chronic stress, acute stress, or trauma.

Consider how life could be if you didn’t have to feel overwhelmed with stress
or anxiety all the time. 

Consider what life will continue to be like if you fail to take action.
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