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The Attack of Glyphosate

The Attack of Glyphosate

If you watch any TV, you have heard the perils of glyphosate- the carcinogenic chemical brought to us by Monsanto. It has been proven to be a cause of cancer. Many holistic doctors feel it is one of the most significant causes of our current cancer and autistic epidemic. Yes, this dangerous chemical is in all of our water and most of our food and crops. We are eating and breathing this chemical every day of our lives. Why is this such a dangerous chemical?

The body can withstand so much toxicity, but there is a limit. When the “glass” is full, the symptoms begin. Due to the onslaught of this particular toxin into our body, it is affecting our bodies. In our office, we see patients with problems caused by glyphosate every day. What can you do?

The first thing to understand is no matter how healthy you think you are, you are still being exposed to glyphosates. No one is exempt. If you are having health issues, it is a good possibility it could be glyphosate. Conventional medical testing will not find it. Allopathic doctors do not have any idea how to remove it. Glyphosate can be removed from the body. We have helped hundreds of people detox glyphosate by using L-Lysine HCL from Biotics Research to remove this chemical from the tissue.

How do you know for sure if you have glyphosate? Your provider can order a urine test for glyphosate and we can also utilize muscle testing. Muscle testing is the tool that we use to locate and remove glyphosate from the body. We have found it can be more precise than urine tests in finding the exact location. Scheduling an office exam to check for glyphosate or other chemicals is a good step on your journey of health.

The best way to protect yourself and your loved ones is to build a shield in your body that will not allow glyphosate into your body. I have discovered through muscle testing that glyphosate is never in tissue if the tissue salts are at least 95% of optimum. Every time with no exceptions, when I find glyphosate in an organ or gland, the tissue is always deficient in tissue cell salts.

In my theory, I do believe that by taking cell salts and taking them for a length of time to “fill” the body’s tissue to at least 95%, glyphosate will not cause health problems. Taking these cell salts are easy to take and an inexpensive insurance against glyphosate.

Another important step to protect yourself is by improving your gut health. Your provider will recommend products that will restore your gut’s microbiome and intestinal flora bacteria.

If you would like to decrease your risk of association with glyphosate call and schedule an appointment with us, call Health and Wellness of Carmel at (317) 795-1516. We look forward to seeing you soon.

-Dr. Jerry Weber, ND

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