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Why You Should Visit a Naturopath

Why You Should Visit a Naturopath

A naturopath is not a medical doctor. He or she is not trained to focus on diseases and “cure” it with pharmaceutical medications. Instead, a naturopath is a person who has dedicated their lives to living and treating the body holistically.

Every symptom in the body is a signal that is communicating to you. The body is always trying to tell you what is wrong. Is anybody listening?

Naturopaths listen to the body and use different modalities such as muscle testing, emotional release, meditation and prayer to help the body heal naturally. The body is out of balance when there are symptoms being exhibited. The naturopath’s goal is to rebalance the body, thusly healing the body.

As a naturopath, I believe that the body can truly heal by working with a qualified naturopath who you feel comfortable working with.

Good luck and God Bless you on your journey of health.

-Jerry Weber, ND

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