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COVID–19 Vaccine Information

COVID–19 Vaccine Information There is a large second wave of COVID-19 in this country and this is a reminder that everyone should be working hard to optimize his or her health and wellness. At least 2,259 new coronavirus deaths and 207,444 new cases were reported in...

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COVID–19 Update: 11.16.2020

COVID–19 Update: 11.16.2020 Unfortunately, the SARS–CoV-2 is not going away. Nationally, Covid–19 diagnosis as well as hospitalization has been increasing since September. Fortunately, the percentage of deaths related to the number diagnosed with Covid–19 continues to...

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What is Life Force?

What is Life Force? Life Force is an area not normally discussed by conventional medical doctors. Called by many names, Life Force can be known as Chi, Ki, or prana. Life Force is God’s essence of the body. Without this invisible energy, the body would die.This same...

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Why You Should Visit a Naturopath

Why You Should Visit a Naturopath A naturopath is not a medical doctor. He or she is not trained to focus on diseases and “cure” it with pharmaceutical medications. Instead, a naturopath is a person who has dedicated their lives to living and treating the body...

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Being Good to your Kidneys

Being Good to your Kidneys A little help for some unsung heroes Bruce Thomas, MD Amidst the chaos of the pandemic, we may not pay attention to parts of our bodies that might be hurting, but just don’t seem to be screaming as loud for attention. Many holistic doctors...

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