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Cerebrolysin: A Peptide for the Brain

Cerebrolysin: A Peptide for the Brain When someone is at the core of your being you might say, “it is in my DNA.”  DNA is praised and criticized for all sorts of things- good and bad with us, but the most fundamental things our DNA does is gives the codes to make...

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Your Best Protection – Your Immune System

YOUR BEST PROTECTION - YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM We have all seen the images of the “new normal.” It is not hard to have fear stir your soul. However, there is good news. Coronavirus does not attack or kill people with healthy immune systems. Most of the people who are dying...

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Novel Coronavirus 2019

Novel Coronavirus 2019 What it is, the symptoms, how to test, and what to do. What It Is The name “Coronavirus” does not fit only one particular virus.  It’s actually a family of viruses and most people are calling the most recently famous member of this family...

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Leaky Gut, Leaky Brain

Leaky Gut, Leaky Brain One of the buzzwords in holistic medicine is “leaky gut” aka intestinal hyper permeability.  The idea is that the lining of our intestinal tract is only one layer thick.   The cells that make up that layer have bridges called tight junctions...

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Autoimmune Injections for Stroke and Cognitive Decline

Autoimmune Injections for Stroke and Cognitive Decline According to the American Autoimmune Disease Related Association, 50 million Americans have a recognized autoimmune disease, which is about 20% of the population (1).  With so many of us having them, one wonders...

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