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What is Disease

What is Disease

The definition of disease is, “a disorder of structure or function in the body that produces specific signs or symptoms or that affects a specific location and is not the result of a physical injury.”

As a Naturopath doctor, I look at disease as “a body that is out of balance – out of homeostasis.”  Disease is “dis-ease.” There is a lack of ease. The body is under some type of stress that has caused it to react, which is called a symptom. Every symptom that you experience is your body pleading for you to help it.

Disease, no matter what name, has been placed on your symptoms, is only the effect – not the cause. There is always a “root cause” that has started this problem in the first place. However, in conventional medicine, there are three major problems as to why the majority of times the root cause is not addressed.

The first issue is that medical testing can not test deep enough into tissue to find the deep rooted cause. Blood tests only test what the blood reflects from the tissue, but much of the information is missed. Even medical doctors will admit that some blood tests are not as accurate as believed to be.

The second reason is that the pharmaceutical medications, which are synthetic substances, can never correct a body that is an organic substance – it only masks it. Yes, there are times that these drugs are needed, but not to rid the body of the disease, but only to control it in chronic long-term care.

The third and final reason is that most conventional medical doctors do not have the holistic medical training. The doctors at Health and Wellness of Carmel have years of natural health and medical training obtained from many of the best integrative doctors in the world.

Besides physical causes, there are also emotional, mental, and spiritual reasons which can cause dysfunction and symptoms. This area is not addressed in most medical facilities, but at Health and Wellness of Carmel, we have a precise and proven system of muscle testing that has helped people find that “root cause.”

By using both our medical knowledge and our natural health knowledge, we have experience in whatever disease that you have been diagnosed with. Better yet, start now, before you have a disease. Start by getting your body back in balance. Your body will love you for it.

Health is wealth. May you prosper,

Dr. Jerry Weber, ND.

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