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What to Expect in Carmel, IN

What to Expect Health and Wellness in Carmel, IN

You will be asked to fill out a comprehensive history form before your appointment. We encourage you to e-mail, mail or drop off any pertinent past medical records no matter how old they are. Your initial visit will consist of a complete review of your past medical history and current symptoms by a nurse or medical assistant. You will then meet your new physician who will review your entire history and current complaints and perform an examination. Most patients will require blood testing based on their signs and symptoms. Clients who are experiencing gastrointestinal symptoms, allergy, asthma and autoimmune conditions will most likely have a food allergy panel completed. We would also consider a comprehensive stool analysis. Patients with arthritis will also be screened for Lyme disease and mycoplasma. A follow up visit is usually scheduled in one to three weeks. Most of our clients who suffer from chronic fatigue, unexplained vascular disease, multiple endocrine dysfunction, systemic yeast and unexplained chronic disease suffer from heavy metal burden and will be asked to schedule a heavy metal challenge test. Most patients will have a Bio 101 test at their follow up visit. This in-house test will assess your biological terrain which includes, pH, mineral balance, oxidative stress, liver function, and levels of zinc and vitamin C. Diet recommendations will be based upon your metabolic type. We will make recommendations to maximize your digestive system, liver function, immune system, methylation cycle and your body’s ability to detoxify and assimilate nutrients. We will replace nutrients that are deficient and add nutrients that work specifically for your genetic code.

We have an independent in-house lab run by LabCorp. They accept most insurance companies including Medicare. We are willing to give laboratory orders for individuals to obtain blood work from other sites. Problems often arise when non routine labs were performed at a different lab. Our LabCorp lab has obtained contracts with highly specialized labs to obtain specific biomarkers for methylation that are not performed at other sites. Our lab technicians are familiar with processing labs that require special handling that are rarely, if ever, used by most physicians. Other laboratories often use different reference ranges and units which make it more difficult for our providers to interpret.

Our providers use vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids to help the body heal. These nutritional supplements are not covered by insurance. Although, they are usually covered by a health savings account. Many of our patients have been suffering from poor digestion, liver dysfunction, immune dysfunction, disorders or methylation, and significant vitamin and nutrient deficiencies for many years. It is not uncommon for an individual to start 4 or more supplements in order to make a big impact on their health. We will however, go slowly according to our patient wishes. We offer nutritional supplements from our office for the convenience of our patients as well as insuring that our patients receive the proper nutrients. Our selection is based upon high-quality standards, affordability and effectiveness.

Please be sure to speak with us about your fees as we differ from conventional medical practices due to the extensive and exhaustive history taking, medical records review and testing we do.  Remember, we look for the root cause of your illness rather than just provide pharmaceuticals to mask your symptoms. Our examinations can take over an hour in many instances versus the fifteen minutes you might spend in another office.  Many of our specialized tests are not fully covered, or covered at all by insurance. Insurance does not pay for all office visits.  There are literally hundreds of insurance policies, many of which differ even if it is from the same company.  We even get different answers from the same insurance company on the same day! Our practice will never guarantee insurance coverage for labs, procedures or office visits. It is the individual that is responsible for understanding and communicating with their insurance company. All services that are not covered by insurance ultimately must be paid by the individual.